Sympathetic Resonance

by Base Electron


Base Electron is the creative incarnation of Australian electronic music producer Sterioevo,
Sympathetic Resonance is the outcome.
Reframing reality with a leap of faith, Sterioevo escaped the squirrel cage. Allowing for the devotion of
total attention and focus to the development of this splendorous creative endeavour.
After me than 15 years learning the art and craft of making electronic music, time and space was
manifested to draw a metaphysical line in the sand and produce a body of work for release.
The result is a 10 track album exploring the psychedelic and experimental side of down tempo chill,
with a definitive and signature liquified and heavily effected sound.
Made with the most magic ingredients - love, passion, dedication and commitment, merged with a full
tilt exploration of sound design. All underpinned by a belief that we have the capacity to enhance each
others existence.
Musically, each track on "Sympathetic Resonance" explores a unique space in the multiverse,
encouraging enhanced perception, awareness and consciousness through aural excitement, hand
crafted with a resolute determination.
Tec hni c al l y, the del i v er anc e of thi s wor k of ar t i s a del i c ate bal anc e between l i v e mani pul ati on of s y nthes i s
and "rolling up the sleeves" getting busy with micro editing. This electron is hopeful of stirring some atoms
in the listener, awakening a positive vibrational experience.
Base Electron is super excited to be releasing on Australian label Little Rascal Records.


released May 23, 2016



Little Rascal Records Perth, Australia

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